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House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) Solution


Guaranteed Rent Solution

We offer landlords in Oxford city and its surrounding towns and villages a unique opportunity to increase their income from their properties without the hassle of managing their property as a landlord. If you have an investment property with 5+ lettable rooms, then we can offer you a guaranteed rent solution on a long-term contract 3 - 5+ years, which provides you with a completely hand-off property management, guaranteeing a long-term rental income without the hassle of managing tenants. 


HMO Management Service

If you already have a property with an HMO licence but are a busy landlord, then we can assist you and take full responsibility of managing all aspects of your HMO property from finding and vetting suitable tenants to minor maintenance, refurbishment, cleaning and rent collection, so you do not need to worry about any of these.


GPS is also able to advise and arrange for the expansion of your HMO capacity to increase your profit margin.  


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