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Joint Venture Solution


In a nutshell, joint ventures are a collaborative effort between two or more partners to work together on a project - each contributing something different; be it capital, skills, contacts, resources or workload

At GPS we offer our clients various options to choose from. Majority of our clients start with a straightforward loan to participate in our projects as they like the certainty of the fixed term and attractive returns.

For larger investments we also offer profit share developments in specific projects requiring a minimum investment of £100,000. GPS has a reliable and proven track record in providing attractive return for clients and each joint venture investment is created individually for you. 

Wherever you are in your property journey, we look forward to speaking with you and explore how we can achieve more together.

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View Recent Projects

66 Bicester Road, Kidlington, October 2021

image (1).png

131 Pinnocks Way, Botley, April 2019

131 Pinnocks Way.jpg

 75 Laburnum Road, Botley, April 2020

75 Laburnum Rd.jfif

281 Oxford Road, Kidlington, November 2020

281 Oxford Rd.jpeg
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